February 15, 2017

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Online applications till February 15, 2017

Voies Off, le festival international des émergences photographiques



Right in the midst of the Rencontres d'Arles festival, every first full week in July, Voies Off Festival offers an alternative program (exhibitions, projections, portfolio reviews, professional panel discussions) to a new generation of artists and photographers.

Since its inception Voies Off has made a commitment to helping young creators. The actions and goals of its programs are designed to help and sponsor young fine-art photographers, to display and promote their works with the highest quality, and in the best manner possible. We thrive at creating the best environment for them to meet and benefit from our wide network of experts in the field.

Having one's work selected for the Voies Off Prize comes with many other rewards. The laureates will show their work in one of the best sites and events in world of fine-art photography; they will meet some of the best experts in the field; they will expand their professional (and personal) network; and they will also experience an extraordinary human adventure, filled with warm and sympathetic, caring and sharing encounters.

Voies Off opens a window into the world with:
  • a festival of world contemporary photography in its most varied forms,
  • a yearly event and selection of works seen by professionals from all around the world,
  • a unique arena to show one's work,
  • highly-attended night projections show-casing works selected for the Voies Off Prize,
  • portfolio reviews organized with international professionals in the field,
  • an opportunity to be connected to the Voies Off network and meet like-minded photographers,
  • Voies Off organizes best parties in the region!



  • 60 works by 60 artists will be selected for the festival's night projections.
  • The 2017 Voies Off Prize: 5,000 €
  • The 2017 Révélation SAIF Prize: 2,500 €
  • The 2017 lacritique.org Prize on-line publication of a portfolio accompanied by a professional critique on www.lacritique.org

  • Portfolio Reviews offered to all applicants (selected or not).
  • + a Pass Privilège for the 60 selected photographers giving privileged access to international portfolio reviewers.


Since 1996
Every year since 1996, the Voies Off Prize, awarded by a jury of reputable experts in the field, recognizes an artist for the quality of their vision and the excellence of their work.
The 2017 VOIES OFF Prize award is 5,000 €.


Since 2013
Along with the Voies Off Prize, the Révélation SAIF Prize will be awarded to a young emerging talent in photography.
The 2017 Révélation SAIF award is 2,500 €.


Since 2010
Among the 60 selected candidates for the Voies Off Prize, lacritique.org will choose another emerging talent and publish their portfolio on their website www.lacritique.org. The critical text specially for the work, written by an internationally-famous critic, will also accompany the portfolio.


Participants in the 2017 Voies Off festival agree with and will abide by the rules below.

No restriction regarding age or nationality. Participants in the Voies Off Prize are: all amateur or professional photographers, artists, associations, collectives, groups, galleries, agencies, or schools… using photography as their medium.
A commission will select the applications presenting originality and a personal approach. The works must be organized as a series showing coherent thinking developed through a theme, a personal vision.
The main criterion considered by the commission will be a personal and creative vision.

Jury and awards
Around 60 applications will be chosen by the selection comity to be part of the 2017 Voies Off Night Screenings.
Among these applications, the jury composed of renowned professionals and the artistic director of Voies Off will choose the winners of the competitions in July.
The jury is sovereign in its decision that shall not be appealed.
The 2017 Voies Off Prize is 5,000 euros.
The 2017 SAIF Discovery Award is 2,500 euros.
The 2017 lacritique.org Award consists of the publication of a portfolio and a critical text online.

Results will be emailed to the participants.
The result of the jury's selection for the 2017 festival will be announced in May 2017.
The winning portfolio will be announced in July 2017.

Copyright and liabilities
The participants are responsible for authorizations and releases from their models and subjects.
By paying the registration fee, the photographers become members of Voies Off Association until december 31, 2017.
The participating photographers agree, once selected, to add a link to the Voies Off website to their own websites [http://www.voies-off.com].
Participants agree that Voies Off's allowed to use freely and fairly their photographs from the selected portfolios for promotion purposes.
Participants must be aware that the festival may canceled at any time in case of a major emergency. Voies Off shall not be held responsible for any financial damage.


Any submission that shall not abide by the following rules shall be rejected.
Applications for the 2017 Voies Off prize shall include:


+ ONE (and one only) pdf document including CV and a short statement describing the intentions and work of the author of the portfolio. Any relevant or useful information can be added to this document.
The pdf file will be titled as follows : [participant's first name] _ [participant's LAST NAME]
Ex: Winston_SMITH (first name+underscore+last name)


+ Applicants may submit up to 3 series of photographs per photographer.
They will have to create a folder for each series on the Voies Off application page.

The folders will be titled as follows: [participant's first name] _ [participant's LAST NAME] _ [title of the series]
Ex: Winston_SMITH_Around-the-world

+ Each series must contain 15 to 35 photographs:
jpg format at the highest quality (lowest compression) / about 1500 pixels x 2000 pixels (for projection purposes), resolution set at 72 dpi / RGB or Gray Scale / Unlocked files

Image files shall be named as follows :
The folder containing all the required files shall be named as follows: [participant's First Name] _ [participant's LAST NAME]
Ex: Winston_SMITH
Numbering can indicate the order in which the photographs should be projected.

For the name of your folders and files, avoid using spaces and special characters:
è Ŕ Ó š : / * ? < > # & @ ...