Patrick Le Bescont


Founded and run by Patrick Le Bescont for the past 30 years, Filigranes Editions has followed the original path of specializing in the publishing of photo-books and artist' numbered editions. The editorial choices embrace a panorama of known artists and first books. The catalogue lists over 650 titles. Filigranes's policy is to combine image and text within the boundaries of creative books combining the visions and sensitivities of contemporary creative photographers, artists and writers without excluding any style or genre. Among the photographers published by Filigranes : Rip Hopkins, Corinne Mercadier, Bernard Plossu, Kourtney Roy, Julien Mignot, Gilbert Garcin, Claudia Imbert, Clément Cogitore, Smith, Bernard Descamps, Laurent Millet, Laura Henno, Denis Darzacq, Marie Maurel de Maillé, Nicolas Comment, Floriane De Lassée, Stéphane Duroy, Julien Magre, Marion Poussier, Amaury da Cunha, Marie Sommer