Antoine d'Agata



Designed in Arles last summer, and produced in Istanbul by the printer Elit Ofset, partner of the Fotoistanbul Festival, MAP is asingular object published by the Voies Off Editions.

MAP looks like a book from the outside, but really is a box containing a poster with a manifesto from Antoine d'Agata, and 21 cardboards to assemble.

These photographic plates compose a gigantic cartography of about 1.40 x 0.90m, as it was a mental landscape of the artist's series.

:: A book published by the Voies Off Editions

:: Printed by Elit Ofset

:: Size 28 x 36 x 6.5 cm

:: Weight 3.5 kg

:: A book/Box containing 1 poster and 21 cardboards.

:: 500 numbered and signed copies


An unprecedented partnership

2016 was the year of a beautiful partnership between Voies Off :: Arles and Fotoistanbul. In july, the turkish festival started the Arles Screening Nights with a selection of images and a travel to the heart of the vibrant Istanbul.

In October, Voeis Off took its Screening Night to Turkey, and presented an exhibition of Antoine d'Agata. MAP was designed and produced as part of this collaboration, and printed by Elit Ofset, partner of Fotoistanbul.

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180 EUR

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