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If suddenly we no longer were

A proposition by Klavdij SLUBAN

«The illiterate of the future, it has been said, will not be the man who cannot read the alphabet, but the one who cannot take a photograph. But must we not also count as illiterate
the photographer who cannot read his own pictures?» Walter Benjamin

Le Masterklass is a one year photographic adventure in Paris. A tailor-made Masterklass made of group meetings but most important of an individual coaching. Based on the notion of
editing, each person builds a coherent series of images throughout one’s own photographic writing, guided by the photographer Klavdij Sluban.


If suddenly we no longer were

If time expresses our impotence, human beings definitely have freedom regarding space. If time is irreversible indeed, space, on the opposite, is reversible.
Everything is transformation, everything is movement. This is not a PHD thesis, but the starting point to express within Le Masterklass one’s own photographical perception of this eternal and very contemporary theme.

With the works of ::

Eléonore DEMEY, See you tomorrow
Karin MAZODIER, Corbières
Delphine MIGUERES, Extimate
Christine DELORY-MOMBERGER, The living book
Pierre SEMPÉ, Grandpa
Marlène EGEA-LAMBERTI, The birth of wholeness
Sébastien TOKALIAN, Lucky boy
Tobias ASSER, Hannah and me
Christophe DAVIAU, A40
Vanessa BUHRIG, Body Geographies
Camille Renée DEVID, Down to my bones
Jason PENNER, Jack
Tereza KOZINC, The Living Book
Jörgen KARLÉN, They call it Sweden

Reponses Photo

Projections :: Réponses Photo

Nouveaux Regards

For 22 years, Réponses Photo has been publishing the works of its most talented readers every month. The Discovery section offers to these new looks, the time of a portfolio, the opportunity to show the originality and consistency of their approach. For many, it is often the first opportunity for paid publication, and even more so, the first step towards recognition. We select these "Nouveaux Regards" from the files sent to us spontaneously, but also during our meetings and our favorites, especially during the days we regularly dedicate to receiving photographers who wish to present their file. These meetings with the editorial staff of Réponses Photo, open to all, mutually enriching, are at the heart of the relationship that the magazine ties with its readers photographers.

Presented photographers ::
Alexandre Chamelat The Zaïd Garden
Aleksey Myakishev Kolodozero
Benoit Paillé The kitsch destruction of our world
Henk Van Rensbergen  No man’s land
Roman Jehanno  Le Coeur des Hommes à l’Ouvrage - Southern Africa