©Wildfire, 2015 - courtesy David Uzochukwu and galerie Number 8

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Regards Croisés (Crossed Looks)

AKAA invites you to attend the screening of Regards croisés, on the proposal of Salimata Diop, Director of AKAA's Cultural Programming. It will gather a selection of photographs chosen from among the artists that you can discover during the next edition of the fair, from 10 to 12 November 2017, at the Carreau du Temple in Paris.
"The real journey," says Proust, "is not to look for new landscapes, but to have new eyes."

Regards croisés is an invitation to the real journey: the one that brings a change of perspective.
Through Regards Croisés, we contemplate portraits, we migrate around the world and accross realistic or metaphorical universes infinitely varied: the features, the colors, the aura of all these 'other' is an "exotic" whirlwind in its sense First: the one who is outside me.
Regards croisés honors a selection of photographers who, taking an eternal interest in each other, act as artists and humanists who bring us closer together.
This real journey, AKAA invites you through this foretaste of the 2017 edition, projected at nightfall in the courtyard of the Palais de l'Archevêché, in the heart of Arles.

AKAA - Also Known As Africa, is the first French contemporary art and design fair centered on Africa. A manifesto in favor of the creation of Africa on all continents, under all its influences, a trip through the diversity of emerging and confirmed artists, and the enhancement of their galleries.
AKAA claims the expression of the cultural exchanges of an Africa without borders, a territory in motion and a continent that escapes a single definition. From 10 to 12 November 2017, AKAA will emerge as the major Parisian event centered on the art and culture of Africa.


From midnight, Let yourself be carried away by DJ GYGY, an musician prodigy since he's 12 years old, DJ GYGY is the messiah, Afro-Brazilian. Swinging with impunity between a Tropical Funk from space and Rock Prog of submarine volcanoes, his mixes are contagious. Never forget it, it will never die.