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Every night of the week, starting at midnight, the Cour de l'Archevêché is turning into a dance floor. The AFRICA FÊTE Festival concocts an eclectic program of artists and African sounds.



Monday 2
  La Bulle - Denis Cartet
 Denis Cartet  

Denis Cartet mixes video clips, excerpts from musicals, archives that he projects onto a giant bubble. From India to the Orient, from Brazil to Romania, from San Francisco to Moscow, Denis invites us on a musical journey. A selection of videos, composed of "lifts in time", moving archives, rare, beautiful. These chosen moments of our collective memory call us, with delight, to dance and to party.


Tuesday 3   Orientale - Phocéephone & Denis Cartet
logo phoceephone  

Phocéephone has been working for ten years to collect and promote the Franco-Maghreb musical heritage through DJ sets, workshops and meetings. Chaabi, Sahraoui, Melhoun, Rai, Ghiwani, these musics of immigration produced and published on French soil are an integral part of the national cultural heritage. 100% oriental and bewitching.

Wednesday 4   hip hop zulu music - DJ Rebel & Le Bijoutier

DJ Rebel and Le Bijoutier know each other well since Rebel, a pioneer of the hip-hop scene, was the mentor of the second for many years ... Together or in solo they realized a multitude of projects that they present here in megamix sound and images. A trip back in time, in the heart of a culture that is constantly reinventing itself. Funk, soul, hip hop, all the Zulu flavors on the dancefloor ...


Thursday 5   Le Cafoutch of Tony Swarez
Tony Swarez  

Soul and funk fan of the 60s and 70s, Tony Swarez often opens his selection to other dance music such as jazz, hip hop, boogie, West African music, reggae or Latin music.

Friday 6
  Cotonou in music - Switch "Groov" Experience & Renaud Vercey

Here we are strolling in the streets of Cotonou, capital of Benin. Immersive, dancing, groovy, the live Cotonou in music offers a post-modern musical and visual diving, for a set with a balance between African and electronic music




Saturday 7   Afro Night : pour chercher le magot - Selecta Kêtu &Yorgos

It is on the borders of Benin, in the capital of the Nago people, between Benin and Nigeria, that Kêtu finds his haunting energy. With his mixes that navigate between spiritualism and sonorities of a bygone African era, Kêtu wants to be a smother of sounds and exquisite rhythms. A real time and space disco dance experience takes place with the magic of carefully selected vinyls.