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Richard Petit

@ Itinéraire des Photographes Voyageurs

Richard Petit, represented by the Voies Off Gallery, is part of the official selection for the Itinéraire des Photographes Voyageurs Festival. He will exhibit his photographic série Cheap Land for the Festival, from 1st to 30th april 2016, in Bordeaux. 

Itnéraire photographes voyageurs affiche

Itinéraire des photographes voyageurs

Since 1991, the 'Itinéraire des Photographes Voyageurs' association organises each yeau in Bordeaux a festival which gathers a selection of photographic exhibitions about travel. This year, Richard Petit presents for the first time, for this festival, his complete serie Cheap Land. The other artists selected for this edition of the festival are : David Bart, Jef Bonifacino, Anne-Lise Broyer, Céline Clanet, Stephan Girard, Olivier Gouéry, Kalian Lo, Guillaume Millet, Patrick Taberna, and Patrick Willocq. 


Cheap Land, a photographic serie by Richard Petit

"Realised with a photographic chamber 4 x 5, according to a very rigorous photographic technique, Richard Petit's images belong to the Düsseldorf school and to Becher's tradition : readability, frontality. Just looking at the world, at the right distance. Physical distance, but also emotional distance. Looking for the right place which makes a look on rality become a look on subject. The style is documentary, but the place is imaginary."

Christian Maccotta


Where ? 
Itinéraire des photographes voyageurs, Bordeaux
Exhibition at Rocher Palmer, in the Galeries de verre. 

When ? From 1st to 30th april 2016. 

Free entrance from monday to friday, 2pm - 6pm, and the concerts evenings.
Opening  and commented visit with Richard Petit the 1st april at the Bar du Rocher at 6.30 pm

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