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Hai Zhang @ Lianzhou Foto Festival 2015

In the context of the 11th edition of Lianzhou Foto Festival in Chine, from November 21 to December 10, 2015, Hai Zhang shows his exhibition 'Between Destinations' curated by Christopher Phillips and Joanna Lehan of the ICP - International Center of Photography in New York.


"Zhang Hai provides a fascinating example of a Chinese photographer who has immersed himself in a culture very different from the one in which he was raised. Born in Kunming and educated in Chongqing, he has lived since 2000 in the U.S. His independent photography projects have led him to explore the social landscape in both China and the U.S., especially in the African-American communities of the American South. The photographs shown at Lianzhou Foto 2015 are the result of a recent “road trip” across the American continent. As he refines his own photographic language, Zhang Hai engages in a confident visual dialogue with the work of earlier photographers of America, such as Robert Frank and Garry Winogrand."

Christopher Phillips


Practical information

Exhibition from November 21 to December 10, 2015
Lianzhou Foto Festival
Lianzhou, Chine