Friday, July 6 :: 11am

The collective management of the copyrights of photographers
by Olivier Brillanceau, General Director of the Visual Arts and Still Image Authors Society - Saif

Photography is now reproduced on audiovisual media, widely digitized, massively broadcast on television channels and on the internet. The need to adapt copyright management to this environment, to guarantee the fair remuneration of photographers for these new
uses, while providing legal certainty for broadcasters, is the main mission of the Society of Visual Art and Image Prints - Saif - which now numbers more than 4,500 photographers among its 7,000 members.

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Thursday, July 5 :: 10:30 am

APFP Press Conference
Heir to the experience and results obtained by the ADIDAEPP (Association for the Defense of the Interests of Donors and Rights-holders of the Ex Photographic Heritage), the APFP (Association for the Promotion of Photographic Funds) aims to to encourage the safeguarding, preservation, dissemination, scientific study, cultural enhancement and, in general, all promotional activities in favor of photographic collections.
With fourteen years of experience, APFP will give a press conference in the presence of:

- Françoise DENOYELLEhistorian of photography, president ;
- Véronique FIGINIhistorian of photography, treasurer;
- Bernard PERRINEphotographer, journalist and correspondent of the Academy of Fine Arts, Secretary General ;
- Donatien ROUSSEAU, Photographer, Deputy Secretary General for Regions.

Discussed subjects:
What perspectives for photographic backgrounds? First assessment of the delegation to photography announced by the Minister of Culture in Arles, a year ago.