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- Mid-June : Opening of the registrations for the 50 selected photographers to the
2019 Voies Off Awards
- Late June : Opening of the registrations to the public


All registrations are done online. There will not be any sales in Cour de l'Archevêché this year.


he 2019 experts list will be online in June



Are you photographer?
Come meet our experts!

From July 1 to 6, the Voies Off Festival promotes the emerging talents of photography during the opening week of Les Rencontres d'Arles.

The portfolio reviews, from July 2 to 6, represent a highlight of this festival and engage experts and professionals in a contructive and fruitful process.

These special meetings allow photographers to present their portfolio, submit their work to the trained eye of the professionals, gather valuable advice, critical appreciation or useful contacts. A moment of exchange and sharing beneficial to all in the dissemination of works and in the search for new talents.

Members of associations, collectives, galleries, festivals, foundations, museums, agencies, photography schools or professionals of the specialized press transmit their expertise in individual meetings lasting 20 minutes.


For the experts, this is the ideal place to prepare future programming and discover new talents: many of them are looking for new collaborations.


Each year, multiple exhibitions or publications are created during these exchanges. In 2018, more than 1,600 meetings brought together more than 100 experts and 300 photographers!
The purpose of the Portfolios Reviews is to support emerging photographers: they are open to all, regardless of age, nationality or experience.


Leica Galleries International Portfolio Awards

Leica  CMYK

Leica, through its international network of galleries, proposes to the photographers participating in the Voies Off portfolio reviews from July 2 to 6, to exhibit their works.

Two winners will be selected, one by Leica Camera France et the other by Leica Camera Italy, and will each receive a Leica Gallerie International Portfolio Award.

The winner of the Leica Camera France portfolio reviews will be exhibited in the Leica Gallery in Paris in partnership with Cadre en Seine Choi and Cadre en Seine Atelier, the one of the Leica Camera Italy reviews will exhibit in the Leica Gallery in Milano.



 IMG 20180521 170821  IMG 20180521 170845

Exhibition by Clément Chapillon at the Paris Leica Gallery in 2018
in partnership with laboratoire Cadre en Seine Choi and Cadre en Seine Atelier



How to register and participate to the Portfolio Reviews?  


          Take a look at the experts list (will be online in June)

Read the catalog carefully to choose the experts who best meet your expectations and make these appointments beneficial for you and the professionals present. Thank you for being vigilant on the following points ::

- The languages spoken by the expert, no translator will be put at your disposal.

- The work sought and the particular interests of each expert.

- The vast majority of experts prefer that the work be presented in the form of prints. If, however, your work in on a tablet / computer, make sure your screen is clean, your files are easily accessible, and have enough battery power. Some experts do not wish to see any work on computer, please respect this wish when registering and turn to other professionals if necessary.


          Go to the registration platform (will be online in June)

The registration fees for the Lectures are 15 € per appointment, within the limit of two appointments per day. Photographers who have been selected for the Prix Voies Off 2019 are free.

Following cuts in public funding, Voies Off is going through a difficult period and, to ensure the continuity and overall activities of the Festival, we are forced to increase the price of portfolio reviews. The price, set at 15 euros per appointment, will allow us to achieve an economic balance while remaining accessible to the greatest number. Accessibility for everyone at the Festival and these highlights of photography remains a priority for Voies Off, and motivates each of its actions. We thank you for your support and understanding. 


  • Contact : Marie-Sarah Piron - portfolios@voies-off.com - +33 (0)4 90 96 93 82