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The exhibition mainly consists of the iconic images from her recent London exhibition titled “Trails to Prayer” and the other unpublished images. TRAILS TO PRAYER A spiritual journey to the uninhabited island of Nozaki Following on from her success trip to capture childhood memories from Gunkanjima, an uninhabited Japanese Island also known as Battleship Island which was also used as backdrop in the 007 Skyfall movie, photographer MAKIKIO returned to the Far East last year to photograph scenes from Nozaki, another uninhabited island to the west of Japan. These 23 stunning black and white photographs will be the subject for her 2nd solo exhibition entitled "Trails to Prayer – a spiritual journey to the uninhabited island of Nozaki" was held at the Atrium Gallery, London School of Economics, U.K. this spring. MAKIKO was told about the island of Nozaki by a researcher from Nagasaki University, who carried out research this uninhabited island as part of a volunteer project, creating 3D models representing the local historic sites to help keep the story alive. The small island, of Nozaki (with 3 residential districts – Nokubi, Funamori and Nozaki) which is located next to the island of Ojika, in the north of Goto Islands, is very desolate and formed as a result of volcanic activities. It had been inhabited since pre-historic times – approximately from 10,000 years ago. Remains – such as stone tools of this period – were uncovered when the west part of the land was excavated to build a dam to supply water for the island of Ojika. In 1549, Christianity was introduced to Japan by Francisco Xavier – a Basque missionary – who co-founded the Society of Jesus. Between 1639 and 1854 in Japan there was very little trade relations, the country.

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