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Partenaires institutionnels

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Education in culture, creation, production and artistic diffusion, discovery of new talents, etc. The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region is a meeting place for cultures, debates and exchanges. The Festival Voies Off is an integral part of this cultural network, and since its inception, has received significant support from the Region.

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Supporting cultural innovation, creation, dissemination, broadening access to culture to an increasingly diverse public, developing the cultural development of the departmental territory, preserving and enhancing heritage ... are the main axes Of the action of the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône. With this in mind, the General Council annually supports the Festival Voies Off.

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A city of art and history, Arles sees its future and its development based on culture, image and heritage. The cultural life is intense, punctuated by dense programming throughout the year. The Festival Voies Off is one of the important players in this cultural dynamic, to which the municipality provides very active support.


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Partenaires privés

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La Saif


SAIF is a civil society whose mission is to collect and distribute the rights of the authors of the visual arts. It represents nearly 6,000 authors in France. Thanks to a quarter of the sums collected for private copying, the SAIF supports creation by financing actions to assist in the creation, broadcasting of live performances and training activities for artists. As such, SAIF supports the Festival Voies Off and has a privileged place at the heart of professional meetings.

Logo Spéos

School of photography with an international vocation, Spéos is at the heart of the network of the best universities in the world. Since 1991, she has put her expertise at the service of companies and photographers wishing to acquire new skills. Through the restoration of Maison Nicéphore Niépce and the development of technological innovations, Spéos has constantly contributed to the evolution of the world of photography. A true friend and partner of Voies Off, Spéos also offers its expertise at the Festival by attending professional meetings.

Logo Nièpce

The Maison Nicéphore Niépce in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes is the singular and endearing place where Nicéphore Niépce made the first experiments that led him in 1824 to the invention of photography. The guided tour of the House allows to relive the history in these places, to manipulate the exact reconstruction of the first camera in the world and to observe the heliographies realized by a researcher of the CNRS according to the original methods of the inventor. Pierre-Yves Mahé, director of the Spéos school and the Maison Nicéphore Nièpce project, has been contributing to the success of Festival Voies Off for over 10 years.

Logo Géant Casino

The team of the Géant CASINO d'Arles, who is sensitive to the Voies Off approach, provides assistance and support to the Association, in particular through logistical support and the provision of equipment. In 2015, Voies Off brought photography to Géant Casino. Photographer Florent Gardin is invited to follow the magazin staff for a few days. An exhibition of the portraits that he realized on the spot is presented in the shopping arcade of Géant Casino Arles from 6 July to 20 September 2015.







Leica RGB 66

In 2017, Leica Camera is supporting the Festival Voies Off in Arles for the first time. The vitality, format and spirit of the Voies Off Festival are a response to Leica’s desire to discover emerging talents and to promote the Leica Oskar Barnack Prize as its other cultural commitments.


We produce paper with passion and we prefer quality to mass production. With a production of about 3,000 tons per year, we are more of a factory than a large factory. The best raw materials, handcrafted know-how, a lot of manual work and a partnership relationship with our customers ensure the exceptional quality, recognized internationally of our products.

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Media support

Logo Reponses Photo

Réponses Photo publishes portfolios of photographers still unknown. Pure amateurs, future pros, passionate beginners or savvy, the selection is based on the interest of the proposed work and the "innovative" aspect of the style. For most of the artists presented, this is a first real publication in the form of a portfolio. While Voies Off presents some of these "Nouveaux Regards" at the Festival Screening Evenings, Réponses Photo publishes the portfolio of the winner of the Prix Voies Off in one of its numbers: a way to further enhance these talents in discoveries .

Logo, a contemporary art journal online, finds its specificity in the quality and the exigency of a critical approach "in process", closer to the works but also to the artists and intermediaries of creation, galleries, art centers, museums, collectors ... It is a partisan magazine that wants to put the role of art critic in its proper place. Partner of the Festival Voies Off 2011, the journal awards since last year an award consisting of the publishing of an online portfolio and the writing of a critical text. The editorial board of the magazine chose to award its prize to one of the photographers selected for the Prix Voies Off.


The website was created in 2002. For the last 10 years, he has dedicated himself to information and criticism of exhibitions and events in Paris and throughout France, Art, photography, design, dance and books, who wish to put the role of art critic in its proper place.


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Logo La Provence

Daily newspaper of reference for the Arlésiens, La Provence announces every day the local information and offers every day from the first week of July, a place of choice to the various events of the Off of the Rencontres d'Arles. The newspaper is thus the partner of the Off Program.

Logo 3DFM

With more than 21,000 listenings daily, 3DFM is an associative radio with strong local and regional mission. Widely invested in the cultural world, its original programming defends the independent and alternative world. Partners of Matinées Pro, Radio 3DFM accompanies Festival Voies Off in the recording, editing and distribution of these professional meetings. The 2011 Festival's mornings are podcastable here.

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Voies Off thanks, for their good mood and energy, the team and all the volunteers who contribute to the success of the event.