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Marlous Van Der Sloot 



Marlous Van der Sloot recently graduated with a bachelor of Design from The Hague Royal Academy of Arts. She was one of the key discoveries of Voies Off 2011.

Her images invite the viewer to enter immaterial worlds of feelings and emotions. They search the human soul as if modern society, with its exacerbated rationalization, had engendered a rupture with the immediacy of the real, disconnected us from our core, and as if it were her role to reconnect us with our lost sense of metaphor and poetry.

Marlous Van der Sloot crafts graceful metaphors, using poetry as a powerful tool to transports us to a universe made of refined images whose ingredients collide to resonate within us as primitive and primal images. Photographing her models in incongruous poses she generates uncanny atmospheres. 


Christophe Laloi 
Director of Voies Off Gallery 


2010 - Strasbourg - La Chambre - exposition solo - Nov. 12_Dec. 19



2009 - Nîmes - Le Lac Gelé - exposition solo - Sept. 10_Oct. 24

- Arles - Galerie Voies Off hors les murs “dialogue” avec Joël Tettamanti - July 06_12

- Marseille - Galerie du Tableau- exposition solo - March 09_14



2008 - Arles - Galerie Voies Off - exposition collective avec “Nightshot” d’Olivier Metzger

group show beside Olivier Metzger’s “Nightshot”

- Paris - Festival International de l’Image Environnementale - FIIE photographic festival in Paris



2007 - Vaison la Romaine - Supervues, foire d’art contemporain - art fair in Vaison la Romaine

- photographie.com - Bourse du Talent #33 - landscape photography competition on the internet

- Arles - “Climax” - projection et exposition - Voies Off - exhibition and evening show in Arles

- Montpellier - les Boutographies - Montpellier photographic festival


2006 - Paris - “A deux pas… le silence” - Mois de la Photo Off - exposition collective cours du soir ENSP

group exhibition in the Mois de la Photo Off in Paris

- Vaison la Romaine - “Cheap Land” - hôtel Burrhus - avec Anna Epp

- Arles - “A deux pas… le silence” - Galerie Arena - exposition collective cours du soir ENSP

group exhibition at the National Superior Photographic School in Arles