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Mireille Loup :: [ANAGLYPH]

The Voies Off Gallery presents its new exhibition by artist Mireille Loup :: [Anaglyph], at the occasion of the release of her new book, by the Images Plurielles Editions.

4 MARCH > 9 APRIL 2017 :: monday - friday 10am - 12pm, 14pm - 18pm.
VOIES OFF GALLERY :: 26 ter rue Raspail, Arles


« From the invention of photography, 3D process have been developed. Long before the movie, there was stereoscopy invented in 1838 by Charles Wheatstone and

anaglyph process developed by Ducos du Hauron in 1891. Despite the dominant discourse, virtual reality is not new. The vast majority has forgotten this and Mireille Loup reactivates this memory by reintroducing this photographic technique in a contemporary work. Thus, she pays homage to the ancestors of photography and adds its contribution to that dream. Invited by the General Council of the Oise to reappropriate the stereoscopic stereoscopic pictures
of Charles Commessy (1856-1941) kept in the departmental archives of the Oise, Mireille Loup revisits, interprets the art of this photographer and this technology, with new resources. By voluntarily taking up the anaglyph process, as old, archaic, which has an old hand, she tries to make us aware that we will never achieve a perfect double of the world.»

Extract of the text by Nicolas Mavrikakis, «There»

Invited again, this time by the Musée de la Camargue, Mireille Loup starts the project again, with 5 emblematic figures.

"The “Fous du Rhône” are passionate about the violence of the river, its light and its tragedies. Some excavate, search, dig in order to understand and write its story. They map how it moved over the centuries, the traces it has left in the soil and the landscape, archaeological sites, shipwrecks, antique objects rolled in the mud. Others are simply attached to the Rhône because of a story that brought them there, where they have chosen to stay to watch the daily life of the river, watch over its smallest shivering as if bewitched by its presence." Estelle Rouquette, curator of the Musée de la Camargue.

 Musee Camargue


It is at the mas of Pont de Rousty that the Regional Natural Park of Camargue has installed the Museum of Camargue, showcase of the territory. Recently renovated in a logic of sustainable development, the sheepfold, under its original framework, offers an immersion in the Camargue of yesterday and of today with the permanent exhibition The Course of Water, the Course of Time. Historical pieces, interactive installations, playful and sonorous, videos and works of contemporary art invite young and old to surf between past, present and future, far from the clichés conveyed.



Independent publishing house, Images Plurielles aims to highlight a place, a city, a company by the image, publishing beautiful books or photographic manifestations. "Images Plurielles tries to give life back to the memory of the Men and that of the places, to take another look at the world around us, and to constitute the identity of a strong commitment, that of the rapprochement between the Men".