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Galerie d'L :: Adrian Turner, Two Tides: 2

A la suite de son exposition présentée l'an dernier Chez Arthur et Janine, Adrian Turner s'invite à la Galerie d'L et présente de nouvelles photographies de la côte Sud de l'Angleterre et de la côte nordique de la France

Adrian Turner
© Adrian Turner

Adrian Turner is a photographer with a long career in advertising photography. In his personal work, Adrian uses his technical expertise to create images of pure poetic beauty. “Two Tides: 2” follows on from his 2010 exhibitions with new photographs taken on the South Coast of England and the North coast of France. Just before dawn when light and colour are at their best, when nature is so still Adrian captures seemingly effortless seascape images that encapsulate his delicate personal vision.

Contrasting with his commercial work, his personal work reflects his private sensibility in images at the same time reassuring and questioning. His photographs chart his search for moments of great harmony between nature and mankind. Adrian’s images are powerful and fascinating not only because of their almost surreal beauty but also because, at the heart of them and behind their apparent calmness, lies the enigma of human life clinging to the vastness of nature. Like an exorcist Adrian attempts the reconciliation of opposite forces, the monuments and structures mankind builds to control and mask the fragility of a temporary existence and the softness, purity and timelessness of nature which hide an everlasting, untameable power of destruction. Adrian lives and works on both the South coast of England and the North coast of France so his photographs capture a light that is effectively reversed. Just before dawn, when mankind sleeps, Adrian awaits the unique moment when light and colour are at their best, when nature is so still. Striking a balance between the technical expertise of an established photographer, careful preparation and a delicate personal vision Adrian shows us, in these seemingly effortless seascape images, a body of work which unfolds with calm certainty.

Galerie d'L - 1 bis, rue Réattu
du 4 au 10 juillet 2011, de 11h à 19h

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