Arles se Livre ::
Voies Off invites Zines of the Zone

As part of the festival "Arles se Livre",

Voies Off invites Zines of the Zone for a carte blanche around the photographic self-publishing.

An exhibition of 250 self-published books of photography
collected by ZINES OF THE ZONE in the four corners of Europe

Founded in Nantes in 2018, this nomad collectif, half-arty half-punk travels to meet those out of the traditional networks of publishing,
and create their publication themselves: photocopied leaflets with unique bindings, independent photo books, limited edition and sometimes sold out works,
silkscreen assemblies, unusual fanzines, experimental artist's books, amateur magazines, unobtainable objects .
This project moves from country to country to collect and exhibit its collection in many different location.
It gathers today about 1 700 books and has organized events in about 30 countries.
For this stop in Arles, ZINES OF THE ZONE invites you to discover a selection of 250 publications: a quirky look at the uses of photography and the alternative practices of publishing.


Exhibition from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th February, - 11am to 6pm
Opening: saturday, february 24th, 6:30pm
Espace Van Gogh, 1st floor, Arles

Each day at 4pm, an afternoon snack and a discussion
about self-publishing (duration 1h30)


Thursday, February 22nd, 4pm
Zines of the Zone, an hybrid and roaming broadcast space
Meeting Julie Hascoët, cofounder of Zines of the Zone

In recent years, the practice of self-publishing in the field of photography has literally exploded.
Faced with this dynamic, ZINES OF THE ZONE offers not only an archive area for these publications,
but a platform for physical and itinerant dissemination, which places DIY at the center of its concerns.


Friday, February 23rd, 4pm
58 Degrés Galbés, a muscular operation of intrepid fanzinat
Meeting with Loule et Tib's from the collective 58 Degrés Galbés.
This small factory of printed paper objects, in perpetual experimentation, tells you about its journey through a personal history, lacunary and not exhaustive, from the creation of fanzine to the universal mutation of the micro-edition.
These two friends offer to sweep the different treatments and voices to which the actors / actresses of self-publishing are involved from all angles, from a flying paper, to the artist's book through the photocopied brochure .


Saturday, February 24th, 4pm
The zine as a new documentary broadcasting space?
Meeting with Annakarin Quinto, creator of boudoir 2.0

The world of the press is in crisis. Between the apparition of the connected photo, the development of fake-news and budget restrictions, the dissemination of quality information is threatened.
In this context, can the zine, which is a direct relationship between the source of information and the reader, initiate a new evolution in the circulation of news?
With the experiences of: the Myop agency, the Cesura collective, the Café Royal Books publisher, the artist Pascal Anders, the collective In the mouth of a girl ...


Sunday, february 25th, 4pm
The fanzine or the aesthetics of precariousness
Meeting with Laura Morsch-Kihn, artist, editor and independant curator.

The aesthetics of the periphery, subcultures, work, interaction, precariousness and contextual approaches are part of her field of investigation. After having been exhibitions and events manager for the galerie du jour agnès b. (2007-2014), she leads various projects around the fanzine: The new spirit of vandalism (2014-), Printing on fire (2015-), Rebel Rebel zine (2015-), Precarious Edition (2016). In 2015, she founded the Rebel Rebel fair: art & culture fanzine with FRAC PACA.

Call for contributions: Come present your self-publications!

Every day, from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm, bring your books and fanzines: the ZINES OF THE ZONE collection is open to contributions and will be happy to travel with your books. Also come and share your editions with visitors curious to discover new editorial projects.