Germinations exposition

Georges Pacheco :: Germinations

An artist's residence at the Lycée Agricole La Germinière de Rouillon in the department of Sarthe

Photography Exhibition

April 22 - May 31 2017 :: monday - friday, 10am-12am et 2pm-6pm
Voies Off Gallery, 26 ter rue Raspail, Arles


This project presents the images realized by Georges Pacheco, in residence at the agricultural education school La Germinière de Rouillon, in the Sarthe.With the complicity of the pupils, he pursued two distinct objectives: the first, in the documentary form, accounts for the life of adolescents in this public institution, which prepares them for a professional future in the agricultural trades. The second objective is based on visual experiences strongly inspired by the history of art and photography, carried out in socio-cultural education classes (ESC). By working with young people to design and stage these series of images, sometimes funny, often caustic or side by side with the absurd, he tried to introduce young people to the complexity of visual language, but also to apprehend, with the aid of short fables declined under the register of humor, the various realities of these trades, as well as the relationship that we readers maintain with the land, questioning the principle of rootedness, literally and figuratively.

"It is with puzzled but curious students that I began this week of artistic interventions. Exceeding the framework of the simple introduction to the shooting, I tried to invite them to a sensitive and open approach to photography.(...). Behind the historical, symbolic or poetic references linked to the peasant world and the history of art, we carried out visual experiments starting from the agricultural exploitation of the high school and the animals that are around."

Georges Pacheco


 ©Georges Pacheco 16

"(...) I would like to pay tribute to this original and innovative artistic work that brings to light a rural world often unknown.

Between art and the agricultural world, there is an underground link: that of the relation to life, Georges Pacheco, with his sensitivity and the active participation of the pupils, has revealed it."

Stéphane Le Foll
Minister of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry

Exhibition dates:: April 22 - May 31, 2017

Monday to Friday, 10-12am & 2-6pm, saturday on appointment.

Exceptionally open on saturday 22 & sunday 23 from 1pm to 6pm, on the occasion of Weekend Arles Contemporain. 

Germinations :: The Book :: Publication on may 2017

This project will lead to the publishing of a book, by the Voies Off Editions.

Book characteristics

:: An unprecedented work published by Éditions Voies Off
:: Photography by Georges Pacheco
:: Preface and texts of various personalities related to the agricultural world
:: Printed on the presses of the printer Escourbiac
:: 183 color and black & white photographs
:: 224 pages in 22,5 x 30 cm format
:: An edition of 1,500 copies, 100 numbered and signed copies
:: Hard cover, interior offset paper     

:: 38€                                                                                                       

Georges Pacheco

Georges Pacheco lives near Le Mans. Graduated from the National School of Photography in Arles in 2012 after obtaining a DEA in Psychology of Art from the University of Paris X, he has devoted himself, for several years, to a demanding work where the Photographic portrait plays a major role, in a humanistic approach. Author of several works, his work is recognized and regularly exhibited in France and abroad, in prestigious galleries or at festivals. Georges Pacheco has received numerous awards and awards for ten years. In London in 2013, he was named Artist of the Year by the London International Creative Competition.