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Living Griffeuille
Artists residencies

In partnership with 'la Galerie à Ciel Ouvert' [Open Sky Gallery] and SEMPA, one of the most important social landlords from Arles, Voies Off is developing artists’ residencies in 'Griffeuille' a neighborhood in Arles.

As part of a global project including an exhibition on the walls of local buildings and a screening night in the neighborhood, these residencies are organized around the theme 'Living Griffeuille'.

With the support of associations operating in the area, they are an opportunity offering photography workshops and various times of exchange between artists and residents.

Artist residency #2 :: Françoise Galeron

Graduated in 2013 at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, Françoise Galeron photographs her everyday life, her friends, the place where she lives and around. With her camera, she constructs an experimental, personal universe, with no documentary intention.


Let the images grow!

Photo workshop for 6 - 12 year-old children
with the complicity of the Petit à Petit Association.

Cameras in hand, Françoise Galeron will guide the children of the neighborhood through the natural universe of the new gardens of the « Semeurs du Partage » of Griffeuille. On this field full of discoveries, the children will search for the hidden treasure. They will imagine stories around these wonderful gardens, they will have fun staging it and practicing photography.

Where? Espace Ariane, Place Gustave Ferrié, Arles - France.
When? From May 11 to June 1, 2016, every wednesday from 4 pm to 5.30 pm.
More details? Voies Off :: +33 (0)4 90 96 93 82


Artists’ residency #1 :: Romain Boutillier

Romain Boutillier came into the photographic field after working in various visual arts such as graphic design, theater, cinema decoration or short films. While developing his personal series, he works as a portraitist, society and tourism reporter for the press and publishing agencies. Because he practices several visual arts, his creations display multiple references. Each one of his projects is a narrative built with a particular aesthetic.

Living Nature

Photo workshop for 7-to-11-year-old children
with the participation of the 'Petit à Petit' Association

Romain Boutillier invites children to create false dishes "ready to eat". Fruit peels, vegetables, and other kitchen waste are on the menu. Children will give a second life to these table scraps, composing beautiful dishes and photographing them!

Where? Espace Ariane, Place Gustave Ferrié, Arles - France.
When? From May 10 to June 7, every Tuesday, from 5 to 6:30 pm.
More details? Voies Off :: +33 (0)4 90 96 93 82