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A BOOK by Georges Pacheco

:: A book published by the Voies Off Editions

:: Printed by Escourbiac

:: 1 500 copies, 100 signed and numbered copies

:: 224 pages, 22,5 x 30 cm

:: Hard cover book, Offset paper inside

:: Price :: 38,00 euros

 Germinations Pacheco livre3D

Germinations, an artist residency in La Germinière

This project presents the images realized by Georges Pacheco, in residence at the agricultural education school La Germinière de Rouillon, in the Sarthe.

With the complicity of the pupils, he pursued two distinct objectives: the first, in the documentary form, accounts for the life of adolescents in this public institution, which prepares them for a professional future in the agricultural trades. The second objective is based on visual experiences strongly inspired by the history of art and photography, carried out in socio-cultural education classes (ESC).

By working with young people to design and stage these series of images, sometimes funny, often caustic or side by side with the absurd, he tried to introduce young people to the complexity of visual language, but also to apprehend, with the aid of short fables declined under the register of humor, the various realities of these trades, as well as the relationship that we readers maintain with the land, questioning the principle of rootedness, literally and figuratively.

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