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Antoine d'Agata


Artist's book

:: Book size: 24 cm x 32 cm
:: Hard cover
:: 112 pages of photographs and more than 3000 photographs
:: 32 pages of text

:: Printed by Escourbiac l’imprimeur


25 EUR.
45 EUR. version signed by the artist

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>> A propos du livre Désordres


Desordres 00


"In this world, only the lie is obscene. Bestiality as the last area of freedom, ultimate bulwark against rampant real virtuality, anesthesia of the senses, the mind of a society that designates the objects and beings as consumables, brutal management and continuous removal of large sections marginalized populations that bring non-productive communities to the rank of social waste. Invisible mechanisms of an endemic cruelty, unspeakable devouring the world and systematically eliminates individuals identified as surplus by the logic which direct the flow of profit. Taboo consensus of contemporary economic genocide, invisibility of organizing production and consumption on which liberal democracy is based. Cruel forms of social and economic alienation: people are exposed to the acceptance that their existence has no value, they are no longer faced with the order of things but identified as him. Continual reinvention of new forms of slavery and survival through the annihilation of life itself. Choreography incestuous and murderous geometric madness of the world, reflecting the determination with which men undertook to destroy men. No more spirit, no more soul, logic, rule, sleep, sleep, dreams, faith, feelings. Neither beginning nor end, neither cause nor effect, no one, and exposure to an outside on which thought can have no outlet. The dissolution of contact, of consensus, the end of trouble in the epidemic vertigo of the vice as principle of life, knowledge and strength. Viral Images, chaos matrix that make my becoming a common future, I reproduce evil, I spread it, I figure it, from anonymity to anonymity, from one body to another, to survive the disaster of life."

Antoine d'Agata

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