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Diorama Projects :: Chroniques Hongkongaises

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Nick Cheuk | Gérard Henry | Riddick Douglas Ning | Kurt Tong | Kacey Wong
Curator Davina Lee

The exhibition borrows its title from the 2008 book Chroniques Hongkongaises by author Gérard Henry, a unique compilation of personal observations and commentaries on first ten years of Hong Kong’s post-colonial history.  Through the works of five artists from Hong Kong the exhibition offers a complex and highly personal perspective on the territorial and cultural anomaly of postmodern Hong Kong against the context of its recent history.

Created over a period of ten years, visual artist, architect and recipient of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Best Artist of the Year 2009 award, Kacey Wong’s Drift City series of deceptively whimsical photographs charts the global wanderings of a fugitive skyscraper, the architectural symbol of Hong Kong.  From Beijing, London and Tokyo to Helsinki, Cairo and Berlin, Wong’s lone skyscraper drifts from one urban environment to another in search of utopia.   Kurt Tong’s The Queen, The Chairman and I comprise a series of photographs that reconnect the artist with Hong Kong of the past through the recollections of his extended family.  Learning of the past through their memories, Tong’s photographs are a revelation, humanizing the political and social upheaval that brought his family to Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is the backdrop for Nick Cheuk’s urban fable All Little Living Things, his masked characters playing out in Hong Kong’s streets, offices and subway a powerful and ultimately tragic narrative describing lost innocence and disillusionment.  Graduating with distinction from Hong Kong’s City University of Creative Media, and winner of the Creative Media Award 2009, Riddick Douglas Ning’s Hong Kong Happenings consider the complex relationship between photography and painting.  The artist’s transposition of key works from the canon of Western art to present day Hong Kong in all its postmodern glory range from the satirical The Spoiling of Adam, to the lyrical work The Scavengers, replacing Millet’s glaneuses with members of Hong Kong’s elderly army of recyclers.  The exhibition will also include a special video work by Gerard Henry based around his Chroniques Hongkongaises.

About Diorama Projects

DIORAMA PROJECTS was established in Hong Kong in 2008 by curator and writer Davina Lee.  The objective of DIORAMA PROJECTS is to identify, develop and realize projects that will stimulate artistic and cultural exchange and collaboration.  At the core of each project is the desire to engage audiences at all levels, from passive observation to active critical debate.  Since its creation DIORAMA PROJECTS has organised and curated a number of exhibitions in Hong Kong and France, including Distance Decay, The Mother of All Journeys and Proxemics, selected as one of the best exhibitions of 2009 by the South China Morning Post.

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