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Voies Off illuminates the nights of Marrakech 

2019 Screening nights :: October 17 and 18, 2019 
El Badi Palace in Marrakech - Morocco


The founders of Voies Off, Christophe Laloi and Aline Phanariotis, have been appointed to the artistic direction of the screening evenings of the Rencontres de la Photographie of Marrakech in Morocco, for which they are very happy to propose a large selection of 50 international artists and photographers.

Continuing their commitment of discovering and supporting contemporary photography, they export the program of Festival Voies Off 2019, presented in July in the Archbishop's Courtyard in Arles, and make it travel to the prestigious El Badi Palace.

The Voies Off screening evenings are the heart of the Rencontres de la Photographie in Marrakech, during which festival-goers will also discover a screening of Japanese artists led by Miki Nitadori. The festival also consists in four exhibition places, portfolio reviews and various meetings.



Adrien Selbert, France
Alex Neumann, Allemagne
Alexandra Lethbridge, Royaume Uni 
Alfonso Almendros, Espagne
Boris Eldagsen & Tanvir Taload, Allemagne & Bangladesh
Chloé Wasp, France 
David Falco, France 
Diego Moreno, Mexique 
Erik van Cuyk, Pays-Bas 
Federica Landi, Italie 
Flora Vala, France 
François Jonquet, France 
Franky Verdickt, Belgique 
Hanna Rast, Finlande
Heather McDonough, Etats-Unis 
Ioanna Sakellaraki, Grèce
Jakob Schnetz, Allemagne 
Jana Sophia Nolle, Etats-Unis 
Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccini, Italie 
Jessica Wolfelsperger, Allemagne 
Joerg Glaescher, Allemagne 
Karoliina Paatos, Finlande 
Koral Carballo, Mexique 
Kumi Oguro, Japon
Lukas Kreibig, Allemagne
Madeleine Kukic, Pays-Bas

Maria Contreras Coll, Espagne
Marie Lukasiewicz, France 
Marlena Waldthausen, Allemagne 
Massimiliano Pugliese, Italie 
Maximilian Mann, Allemagne 
Michal Solarski, Royaume Uni
Mireille Loup, France 
Nanna Heitmann, Allemagne
Norman Behrendt, Allemagne
Pierre-Elie Pibrac, France 
Polly Tootal, Royaume Uni 
Rafael Heygster, Allemagne 
Roei Greenberg, Israël – Royaume Uni 
Samar Samry, Arabie Saoudite – Etats-Unis
Sarah Bouillaud, France 
Schore Mehrdju, Iran – Allemagne 
Simon Lehner, Autriche 
Valery Melnikov, Fédération de Russie 
Yann Haeberlin, Suisse 
Zoé Aubry, Suisse
Richard Petit, France
Justin Dingwall, Afrique du Sud



Ishola Akpo, Benin
Aurèle Andrews Benmejdoub, Paris
Driss Aroussi, Marseille
Raed Bawayah, Palestine
Carolle Benitah, Marseille
Ali Berrada, Rabat
Charif Benhelima, Bruxelles
Muhcine Ennou, Hollande
Elise Fitte Duval, Dakar
Carlos Krithinas, Portugal
Nadia Rabhi, Paris
Misha Tazi, Maroc
Saâd Tazi, Maroc

The Rencontres de la Photographie of Marrakech 2019

67 photographers, 3 screening nights, 10 experts for Portfolio Review, 5 exhibition places, 5 openings, 3 lectures

Also on the program: book dedications, workshops, school courses, guided tours of the facilities.

The Rencontres de la Photographie in Marrakech is committed to supporting young photography by presenting the work of internationally renowned authors. Mixing artistic level, openness and concern for exchange, the festival offers a dense program of screenings, exhibitions, portfolio reviews, workshops and lectures.

Find the whole program on: www.rencontres-photos.com



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