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2017 Voies Off Awards 
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Every monday, the Voies Off team answer on our Facebook page the most reccurent questions that you asked us during the week about the application for the prize.


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 Monday, December 12, 2016

:: I was selected for the Voies Off Prize in the past, is it possible to submit my pictures this year?
Yes of course, you can apply this year again ! At Voies Off, we like to follow the photographers' evolution. You’re always welcome!

:: Is it possible to send my CV and my text in other language than french?
The Voies Off Awards being international, you can obviously send a CV in another language than french. We translated the registration platform in 9 languages in the will to open to the world the Awards : english, german, spanish, italian, portuguese, russian, arabic, and chinese. According to the need of the jury, we will translate the different texts of the submissions. 


December 5, 2016

:: I don’t have a serie with 15 pictures, can i still send them?
You can send a serie with only 1 picture if you want, the general idea of 15-30 is better for the projection, but you’re free to choose. Every year, the Voies Off selection is made of photographic series which are over 35 or under 15 images. 

:: Is it possible to register and to continue my downloading pictures or text later?
Yes, it is, as long as you don’t click the « validate » button your can delete, edit.. your personal space until the 20th december. Don't loose the email that you recieved with your password and the link that gives you access to the log in platform. 


November 28, 2016

:: Can I propose a dyptich with text and photography?
Yes you can submit a diptych or a triptych. For the screening we need only your pictures, so you need to do two different subfolders in your application: the first subfolders with the dyptich (text and image all together) and the second one with only the pictures.

:: If I have registered to the Prize, can I have an access to the portfolio reviews for free ?
Yes, the portfolio reviews are free if you are registring to the Voies Off Awards. It will allow you to meet professionals of photography and discuss with them about your work. Goog to know : the 60 selected photographers can choose in priority the experts they want to meet.


November 21, 2016

:: Can I register with a collective ?
Yes you can. The inscription is 30 euros for the collective and then 10 more euros per registered photographers. When you register, you have to choose the 'Collective registration'. 

:: Which format must be used for downloading my pictures on my personal space ?
The best format for the projection is 1500 x 2000px, JPEG quality / 72 DPI/ RVB/ unlocked files. But you can submit your pictures in high quality.