Call for submissions 2016 VoiesOff Prize © Michel Le Belhomme


The call for submissions is closed.
The result of the selections will be announced at the end of May 2016.
Time to submit your work for the Voies Off Award held in Arles - FR during the first full week of July. Photographers from all over the world can apply


In the context of the Rencontres d'Arles
give your photographs a worlwide visibility

Participate in one of the most interesting photo competition, award and festival in the world: the Award and the night projections of the 60 nominees selected by a jury of experts is at the core of the Voies Off Festival. The festival itself is embedded in the opening week of the Rencontres d’Arles, the oldest and most prestigious of all photo festivals. Both festival happening at the same time in the antique city of Arles attract experts (curators, gallery owners, fine art photography dealers, press, critics, museum staff, and of course photographers) from all around the world. Voies Off gives you an opportunity to show them your work.
Participate in the Voies Off Award and you will give your work all the visibility it deserves!



60 photographers selected
for the night projections

The Voies Off Award, now in its 21th year, is a unique opportunity for the best works of a new generation of photographers to be seen. For twenty-one years Voies Off has advocated and presented the best new photographic works from all around the world to a vast and broad of audience of local and international specialists and amateurs. All works are welcome as long as they are the expression of a coherent creative approach.
Every night for a whole week quality creative photographic works from all around the world will be presented to a demanding and appreciative audience. The final prizes will be awarded at the end of the week.
Good news: Everyone is welcome to apply !



An International Jury
will award 7,500 € worth of prizes

The winner of the 2016 Voies Off Award will receive the sum of 5,000 €.
The winner of the SAIF Revelation Award will receive the sum of 2,500 €.
The winner of the Award will be granted the publication of a portfolio accompanied by an introductory text by one of the best art critic on the website.



Pass privilège
for the 2016 Voies Off Portfolio Reviews

Participate in the 2016 Voies Off Photo Award and be immediately rewarded with a Free Pass to the Voies Off Portfolio Reviews organized in Arles July 5-9, 2016.
In the event you are one of the 60 selected laureates you will be upgraded to the Pass Privilège level and the opportunity to have first choices of whom among the expert professionals you will like to meet.
As such you will have access to an international network of over 100 experts; festival directors, curators, gallery owners, critics, gallery and museum staff…


Voies Off Prize Partners

Logo SAIF  Logo Copie Privée

The SAIF is a french non-profit organization whose mission is to collect and distribute copyright fees for authors in the visual arts in France. it represents more than 6,000 authors in the visual arts including photography. The SAIF also sponsors creation, performing arts and the education of artists allocating 25 % of its budget.

Logo is a contemporary art magazine online, which wants to return it to restauring the important status of the art critic, closer to art, artists and intermediaries of creation, galleries, art centers , museums, collectors…