About the Voies Off Festival

Voies Off Festival :: Emerging Photographies in Arles :: 23rd edition :: July 2 > September 23, 2018
Event Week in the Cour de l'Archevêché :: July 2 > 7, 2018
Since 1996, right in the midst of the Rencontres d'Arles festival, every first full week in July, Voies Off Festival offers an alternative program (exhibitions, projections, portfolio reviews, professional panel discussions) to a new generation of artists and photographers. Since its inception Voies Off has made a commitment to help young creators. The actions and goals of its program are designed to help and sponsor young fine-art photographers, to display and promote their works with the highest quality, and in the best manner possible.


Exhibitions of the Voies Off Festival

Visit the 2018 fringe festival of Les Rencontres d'Arles during the entire summer, and discover hundreds of photographic exhibitions

Throughout the summer, a hundred exhibitions are held throughout the city of Arles. The access is free for everybody. Through the publication of a reference leaflet program, Voies Off unites all of these events that constitute the #VoiesOff2018 Festival: exhibitions, installations, happenings, book signings... Voies Off is not the organizer of these events, but proposes to highlight them in our program and to support the organization of the events. This come to offer festival-goers a rich journey, walking among the various districts of the city of Arles.

In 2017, #VoiesOffFestival represented 141 exhibitions and many other events, throughout the city of Arles.


Be part of the #VoiesOff2018 Festival

You are organizing a photographic event in Arles this summer and you would like it to be mentionned in the 2018 Off Program? Click here
Particular or profesionnal, you own a venue in Arles (gallery, house, restaurant, hotel...) and you want to lend or to rent it for an exhibition? Click here


Screening Nights

Discover the best of the young international photographic creation

Each evening during the first full week in July, Voies Off Festival offers free Screening Nights under the starry sky of the Cour de l'Archevêché in Arles. It is a unique opportunity for the best works of a new generation of photographers to be seen: 60 artists, selected among 2.100 applications from all over the world. Considered by specialists from the world of photography as a place to discover new talents, Voies Off Screening Nights have revealed, among other renowned artists: Antoine d'Agata, Vincent Debanne, Charles Fréger, Olivier Metzger, Mohamed Bourouissa.

DJ et VJ Afters Parties

Celebrate photography till the end of the night

The Archevêché After Parties are now the meeting place for night owls in Arles. Voies Off invites some of the spearheads of the emerging electronic scene to punctuate these DJ and VJ After Parties. After the screenings, they provide a friendly atmosphere, to dance until dawn on well-tempered and impetuous sounds, between glittery vintage pop and ultra licked electro.


Portfolio Reviews

Meet an international network of over 120 experts

Voies Off offers personalized support to young photographers by organizing more than 1.600 portfolio reviews: individual meetings of 20-min between photographers and professionals of the contemporary photography. Art critics, publishers, galerists, iconographers, directors of festival, members of collectives, agencies… For the reviewers, it is one of the best way to prepare a future programming and to discover new talents: a lot of them are looking for new collaborations.

Every year, numerous exhibitions or publications emerge during these meetings.


Pros mornings

Meet experts and discuss about the photographer's job

In partnership with SAIF, Voies Off organizes roundtables around the photographer's job. Lecturers are all specialists of the issues related to the exercise of the profession. They come here to meet an audience of authors, often in business startup.