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Prize List for the Voies Off Awards

This year, 60 photographers were selected for the Voies Off Awards. During the opening week of the Voies Off Festival, four awards were granted with the support of our partners :

:: Voies Off Award
:: lacritique.org Award
:: Révélation SAIF Award
:: Leica Galleries International Portfolio Award

The Voies Off Award, and the Awards of our partners lacritique.org and Révélation SAIF were granted by a jury to three photographers among the selected ones.

The Leica Galleries International Portfolio Award, launched this year by Leica and Voies Off, was granted by a jury made of Leica Camera France and Leica Camera Italie, to two photographers among the hundred they met during the Portfolio reviews of the Voies Off Festival. 


Composition of the Voies Off Awards Jury
Klavdij Sluban, Photographer and founder of the Masterklass
Jorge Alvarez, president of 'la SAIF'
Aline Phanariotis, curator of Voies Off
Christophe Laloi, artistic director of Voies Off.


Composition of the Leica Galleries International Portfolio Award Jury
Jérôme Auzanneau, Leica Camera France Managing Director
Andrea Michelangelo Pacella,
Leica Galerie Milano Director
Gaëlle Gouinguené, Leica Camera France Head of Communication and Cultural Projects
Sandrine Calard, Leica Camera France Independent scenographer

2017 Voies Off Award winner
Will my mannequin be home when I return


WILL MY MANNEQUIN BE HOME WHEN I RETURN by Arko Datto is the first installment of an existential trilogy on the night and life that subsists in nightly spaces, often in direct and brutal confrontation with each other.

After the travails of the day, nighttime is when life finds expression at its deepest, truest and most intense. It is these experiences, these encounters with living beings at night that the work explores.

Completed over a span of three years, MANNEQUIN presents a portrait of the night in the Indian sub-continent.

More information :: www.voies-off.com ; www.arkodatto.com

2017 Révélation SAIF Award winner

La SAIF     La culture avec La copie privée

COCO AMARDEIL :: Canada - France

Come hell or high water


Youth lies within the framework of a time where the uncertainty towards the future is at its highest point, as much as distrust to politic, institutions and medias. (...)

It is this age, the one of thought and inner quest, that Coco Amardeil wanted to translate throught twenty images. (…)

To express this feeling, the photographer chose to capture the moment where a body comes out of the water. Coco photographs this change of state which naturally provokes a scale of emotions : joy, fear, surprise, awkwardness, peace...

More information :: www.voies-off.com ; www.cocoama.com


2017 lacritique.org Award winner
lacritique Logo 180


From Above, Thermal Gaza

"From Above" is project made by Vittoria Mentasti and Daniel Tepper, working collaboratively, looking at the production of drones in Israel and effects of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on civilians living in Gaza.(…)

Vittoria and Daniel traveled to the Gaza Strip, seeking to visualize the effects of drone technology on the civilian population and to draw connections between the activities inside the drone factories and the consequences on the ground, where their products are used.

More information :: www.voies-off.com ; daniel-tepper.squarespace.com

5 nominees for the Voies Off Award
Coco Amardeil 05 150 Coco Amardeil :: Canada - France
Come hell or high water
Katharina Bauer Inthecocoon 03 150 Katharina Bauer :: Germany
In the Cocoon
David de Beyter 01 150 David De Beyter :: France
Big Bangers (2014-2016)
Sandra Mehl 01 150 Sandra Mehl :: France
Ilona et Maddelena
matthias pasquet V2 16 150 Matthias Pasquet :: France
369 milliards de points
With the encouragements of the jury
Nathalie Lescuyer 08 150 Nathalie Lescuyer :: France
Cinq hommes


Leica RGB 66

Leica Galleries International Portfolio Awards

Discover the winners of this award granted in the context of the 2017 Voies Off Festival's Portfolio reviews.

During the opening week of the Voies Off Festival, the experts of Leica Camera France and Leica Camera Italy have met a hundred photographers in the context of the Portfolio reviews. At the end of the week, Leica granted two Leica Galleries International Portfolio Awards. 

The winners won two exhibitions each, in the parisian Leica gallery and in the Leica gallery of Milano.

Gilles Roudière :: Istanbul
Sous de noirs soleils

Roudiere-01 300

Gilles Roudière was selected for his work "Sous de noirs soleils" ("under black suns"), an amazing work in black and white playing with the constrats of Istanbul.

More information :: www.voies-off.com ; gillesroudiere.com

Clément Chapillon :: Israel
Promise me a land

Clement Chapillon 01 300

The series « Promise me a Land » by Clément Chapillon was made in Israel and Palestine in which he adopted a sensitive approach mixing images and extracts from interviews.

More information :: www.voies-off.com