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Collectif in the Kitchen  
Running with the Wolves

Composed of Françoise Galeron and Cécile Menendez, the collective In_the_Kitchen are inviting Estelle Jourdain (France), Edith Laplane (France) Lorena Morin (Spain), Louise Narbo (France) and Mathilde Petersen (Norway) this year to participate to their group exhibition entitled “Running with the wolves.”

This exhibition presents works that perpetuate a questioning of the degrees of proximity and relationships that each photographer maintains with the others and the outside world. This questioning, expressed through singular universes in which self-portraits alongside sensitively staged photography, analyses and grinds reality to make it look like a fiction.

In her quest for the flawless picture Françoise Galeron patiently constructs a rigorous narrative that unfolds over time. Deep in the roots of the collective unconscious, this strange and troubled story resonates with us and echoes our own stories.

Cécile Menendez’s images rattle the poignant reality of an profound mourning, that of a stillborn child, and the latent force of a new birth. Two stories, two memories joined in a common photographic path, that of Alice and Heloise.

The in-between, the empty space that separates and connects, evokes a silence where everything is possible. Estelle Jourdain challenges that physical or temporal limit. 

This unique place becomes a space in and of itself.

The photographs and sculptures with refined forms are its reflection.

“Through contemporary facilities, Edith Laplane reinvents the shuttle, this little boat-shaped biscuit (nave) split in the middle, very evocative of the female sex. This artistic production seizes this symbol to link the Feminine with the myths, traditions, religion and women life events therefore going beyond the limits of the Mediterranean to reach the Universal.

Morin Lorena confronts us with a celebration of her everyday life without taboo. Married life, family life, these fragments are displayed in the form of a photographic diary. It’s a raw vision, intensely human, based on snapshots of her reality alternating between chaos and tenderness.

For Louise Narbo, photography is a research below consciousness with, as allies, intuition and serendipity. We can ask to the visible questions that words and thoughts cannot answer. Photography is a knowledge tool, the selected images reveals other images, sleeping for a hundred years. A visual kiss wakes them up.

Mathilde Petersen creates and recreates herself endlessly through a succession of stories unfolded in the genesis of the great North’s landscapes, where we fathom, on the edge of the forest, the presence of a pregnant Eve. Revisiting her childhood in the wake of the birth of her own children, Mathilde Petersen builds ghostly images in which we wander off in search of our lost steps.



Events at the galery :
Book signing of Carolle Benitah « Photos Souvenirs », Editor Kehrer Verlag, In presence of the artist, 7th july, 5pm .

Be-pôles Editor with the collection presentation « Portrait de villes », 6th july, 2pm

Fisheye Magazine presentation with Erick Karsenty, editor in chief and Benoît Baume, publication director, 9th july, 2.30pm.

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JULY 4 > 10 :: every day 11am - 6pm

Ecole Actéon, 15 rue du Pont, Arles
OPENING :: July 5, 6pm-9pm