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Karolin Klüppel


July 6 > September 20, 2015
On the walls of the Griffeuille neighbourhood. Arles. 
Free entrance 
Guided tours on Wednesday July 8 and Friday July 10 from 11:30 am. 
Meet us in front of the post office of Griffeuille, 4 rue du Dr Schweitzer.


Opening on Wednesday July 8 from 9 pm.


Karolin Klüppel is one of the artists selected for the 2015 Voies Off Prizes. In the context of 'la Galerie à Ciel Ouvert de la SEMPA' and of the project 'Griffeuille, Photography in a neighborhood size', her work is exhibited in a big size on the walls of the neighborhood.


Mädchenland – the country of little girls


Jeune photographe allemande, Karolin Klüppel est diplômée de l'École des Beaux-Arts de Kassel en Allemagne et de celle de Lisbonne au Portugal.

For "Mädchenland" Klüppel spent nine months in the village of Mawlynnong in north-east India, home to around five hundred people. Here, in the state of Meghalaya, the indigenous people of the Khasi form the majority of the population. The Khasi are a matrilineal society. Here, traditionally it is girls who are of particularly importance and who play an exposed role in the family. The line of succession passes through the youngest daughter. If she marries, her husband is taken into her family's house, and the children take their mother's name.

In the series 'Mädchenland', Karolin Klüppel shows the girls in the everyday life of a child. If their faces sometimes have a serious or proud air, the photographer focuses on the girls themselves, their games, their attitudes, their daily actions ... and offers a poetic and delicate look on Asian culture.


More information :: www.karolinklueppel.de