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Christian Gattinoni
Second Generation : Memory Against All Fascisms.


July 6 > August 2, 2015
July 6 > 12 :: 11 am - 7 pm  //  July 13  > August 2 :: 2 - 6 pm  //  Closed Sunday and July 14
Centre de la Déportation et de la Résistance. Ancien Collège Frédéric Mistral. 2bis rue Condorcet. Arles.
Free entrance


Opening on Friday July 10 from 7:30 pm


« This exhibition is dedicated to à Pierre Gattinoni, in the French resistance during WW II, arrested and deported to a concentration camp by the French Gestapo, the « Night and Fog » [“Nacht und Nebel” was the code name given by the SS for the operation consisting in deportation and extermination] convoys took him to the Mauthausen camp where he was imprisoned for 26 months.

While the liberation of the camps 70 years ago is being celebrated in their numerous locations, the number of the survivors (Jews, political prisoners, resistants, gypsies and homosexuals) from the Nazis’ barbaric activities is dwindling. However, as we speak, some are trying to rewrite history and “dediabolize” a lethal ideology while taking steps to regain audience and power. Those who like me belong to the second generation after the victims have worked at keeping and maintaining the memory of the past atrocities because they know it is a useful antidote and weapon against all fascisms.

Our century currently witnesses the same historical forms and expressions of blind and violent power, old and new, threatening us again. Let the torturers know that no, “blood does not dry fast when it enters history.” (*) We the second generation, as well as the next generation and the next one…, will fight for this memory to stay alive, for this priceless freedom to stay alive, for love to stay alive… « So that one day, the children will remember whom you were… » (*)

(*)from the lyrics of the song Nuits et brouillard by Jean Ferrat (1963)].

Christian Gattinoni


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