Joachim Hildebrand & Tom Parland :: ALLEMAGNE mon Amour

Joachim Hildebrand and Tom Parland show aspects of today’s life in Germany’s “blossoming landscapes”.

Allemagne mon amour
© Joachim Hildebrand


Both approach their subject with sympathy and humour but in different visual languages: an interpretation of uninspiring residential architecture revealing a certain beauty contrasts the somewhat poetic impressions of peoples’ lives.

Reality is what we want to see. It is subjective as much as it is perception. We decide who we are and how we live. Life is the result of decisions taken by us and by society. The landscape of our country and the shape of our cities is a consequence of how we cope with history and heritage. Photographs that we take (be it mass or class) are a result of the reality which we build around us. And photographic images are the result of the photographer’s decisions: to get close or to keep distance, to include aspects or to hide them, to criticise or to applaud, to confront or to comment.

The German photographers Joachim Hildebrand and Tom Parland take their decisions: they show aspects of today’s life in Germany – the way they see it. Their photographs form a multifaceted portrait of Germany’s "blossoming landscapes" – with a reality of its own: a country in permanent transition built on the shadows of its past. A country between urban functionalism and rural escape. They approach their subject with sympathy and humour, rather than with criticism or bitterness. And they use very different languages to talk about their homeland. An interpretation of uninspiring residential architecture revealing a certain beauty contrasts the somewhat poetic impressions of peoples’ lives.

Joachim Hildebrand

Joachim Hildebrand, born in 1964, studied economics and was in the management of a company. During that time he also worked as a freelance photographer for press and stock agencies.

Since 2006 he is concentrating on fine art photography with numerous projects domestically and abroad. Meanwhile he attended seminars and master classes with renowned lecturers like Roman Bezjak, Philip Blenkinsop, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Martino Marangoni, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Eva Leitolf, Anja Niedringhaus, Simon Norfolk, Walter Schels and Wolfgang Zurborn. Joachim Hildebrand studied Fine Art Photography at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Madrid (IED Master) and took the degree European Master of Fine Art Photography. His lecturers at the IED were inter alia Alejandro Castellote, Jean-François Chevrier, Elger Esser, Joan Fontcuberta, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Martin Parr, Simon Roberts and Javier Vallhonrat. Joachim Hildebrand was awarded (“Highly Recommended”) at the European Architectural Photography Prize 2011. He lives and works in Frankfurt (Germany) and Ellmau (Austria).

Tom Parland

Tom Parland, born in 1954, is a Frankfurt (Germany) based photographer.

He started out as a private collector and was responsible for one of the largest corporate photography collections in the world. Some ten years ago he became a photographer himself. Since then he visited many master classes with well-known teachers like Alberto Garcia-Alix, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Eva Leitolf and Martino Marangoni. He realized various projects for example Wall Street which is a series of photographs about the inner city of Hamburg presented in large LED-light boxes, or Unseen Harbour, a series on container harbours. He also produced several photo books among which is Sweet Life, a photo book on the German-Polish border.

Tom Parland
© Tom Parland


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